Get into the Vending Machine Business

VendTek Wholesale Equipment, Inc. is a stocking distributor of the vending industry’s leading equipment manufacturers. We feature two Michigan showrooms of new and used  vending equipment, including change machines, condiment stands and thousands of dollars worth of parts to service and support the equipment we sell. Professional advice, vending repair service, equipment moving, products, parts and financing are some of the necessities we offer to help our customers become successful in the vending industry. Whether you are looking to place a single vending machine in your tool and die shop, or interested in securing multiple locations for a part- or full-time job, VendTek is here to help.

Own Your Own Vending Machines

For Profits: Today more than ever, businesses, universities, schools and health care organizations are interested in finding ways to generate additional income from the square footage of their facilities. Vending machines offer a practical and convenient source of what can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in easy, additional annual revenue and profits. Self-operated vending provides organizations an opportunity to generate substantial additional income while keeping the money in house.

For Employee Benefits: Keep the employees on site, focused, and happy. A happy employee is a productive employee. Vending can provide business owners increased employee satisfaction and productivity. Why not free vend the coffee and offer cold beverages at .25 cents while the sale of snacks helps to pay for it all. VendTek can help your organization do this and more. Learn More

Start your own Vending Route

Too many people get caught up in the “get rich quick” schemes that plague the vending industry. Have a plan, target the right locations with the right equipment and be able to back it all up with timely and reliable service. Vending done right is a plan for success, vending done wrong is a plan for disaster. Knowing the difference is just one of the ways VendTek can help you build a successful business. Learn More

Acquire Locations

VendTek offers vending locations to our pre-approved, qualified vending partners. Our partners are screened for approval based on financial stability, experience in the industry, equipment quality/age and willingness to serve the customer’s needs profitably. If you are interested in learning more about being a VendTek partner, contact us.