Own Your Vending Machine Business

If you own a business and want to get your own vending machines – we can help!

As the Vending Location, You Already:

  • Supply the electricity to the machine
  • Supply the employees who use the machines
  • Advertise to get your customers in the door, who use the machines.
  • Supply the change for the machine if the dollar bill acceptor doesn’t work
  • Supply a list of products you want to see in the vendor's machines.
  • Deal with your employee headaches of broken machines.

The Vendor:

  • Takes the largest share of the Profit
  • Has the keys and controls the cash box
  • Controls the product variety
  • Controls the pricing of those products

The Vendor is willing to pay for his machines, his products, his service truck, rent, secretaries, health insurance, advertising and more, all off the profits of your business. Plus, he’s in business to make a profit!

Maximize the profits in the square footage of your business and make it your money!


Vendtek provides…

  • New state-of-the-art equipment
  • You have the keys
  • You control the cash box
  • You make the profit
  • You pick and choose the pricing and your products
  • You get all the tax advantages
  • The training, maintenance and ongoing service
  • The advice and professional assistance when you need it
  • No large investment - You just provide us the profits from the first few items sold each day.

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