Healthy Vending or Micro Markets

Photo of Healthy vending solutions from Vendek

Promote Healthy Options to your Employees!

Hundreds of fun snacks/ drinks to meet your needs… gluten free, vegan, low sodium, low calorie, no sugar, low carb, low fat high protein, high grain, no MSG, no preservatives, whole grain, kosher, etc.

Wellness Criteria

Everyone has different Health concerns when it comes to eating. Our vending machine point-of-sale options allow you to customize the product selection making it easy!

Below are healthy plan criteria you can choose from or you can customize your own:


Includes products that are:

  • Less than 35% or less from total calories from fat
  • Saturated fat must be 10% less of total calories
  • 0 trans fat
  • Total sugar must be no more 35% by weight
  • Total sodium must not exceed 200 mg per item

Fit Pick Plan

Includes products that are:

  • Less than 35% of total weight from sugar
  • Less than 10% saturated fat
  • Less than 35% fat
  • Nuts and seeds excluded

Traffic Light Plan:

All items in the machines are labeled with different color coils. RED, YELLOW and GREEN. Products that are:

GREEN / GO Consume Regularly
YELLOW / CAUTION Consume Occasionally
RED / STOP Consume Rarely
photo of an office worker eating a healthy snack