Remote Monitoring Service

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Satellite Vending is a division of Vendtek Wholesale Equipment, Inc. offering remote monitoring service for vending machines.

Connecting to your vending machines 24 / 7 via cellular network:

VendTek / Satellite Vending Company uses the deployment and installation of a remote monitoring and data retrieval systems into each of the installed vending machines on the location. The device will interface with the vending machine’s controlling PCB and a secure web-site which will provide real-time data transfer to enhance operations and gathering of machine activity. Such activity as revenues generated to products sold and service related issues. Connection to an existing cellular network is all that is required and we pick up the cost. All these benefits that relate to better and more efficient service are FREE to any of our customers.

Revenues Tracked:

Benefits of the use of this system are numerous. Accurate and undeniable accounting figures can be viewed by both VendTek / Satellite Vending personnel and designated location personnel. The accounting figures are viewable 24/7 from any internet connected computer.

Product Movement:

This system also reports equipment performance data. These reports will alert us to equipment failures which will allow us to address the issues quickly and efficiently which will minimize equipment downtime. Imagine… our service technicians can be dispatched to an offending machine without a call being made by your Personnel. Results are working machines and greater customer satisfaction, which relates to greater revenue generation.


Our ability to monitor the inventory of items in each machine will allow for efficient and timely re-stocking of products. Sellouts of popular snacks and beverages will be reduced.

An understanding and adaptation of the customer’s buying habits is gathered easily with the data provided by this system. Machines can be properly stocked with items that sell.

Most importantly, we will be able to schedule service of equipment faster and more reliably, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and greater revenue generation.

Does your business have spike in activities, whether it be from temporary employees, shifts, hours or customer traffic.? Are some days busier than others?

This all reflects on vending machine product consumptions.. they’re typically never the same week on and week off. The Remote Monitoring System picks up on the activity (heavy or slow), simply…..we come when the product levels are low and require service.

The Old Way of Vending:

The old way of servicing vending machines is the route man shows up the same static schedule, same day or same week, month after month. He visits the machines and writes down what he needs after visiting each machine. Then he visits the truck and hopes he has the products he needs in his truck. He pulls the product and then stocks the machines.

The New Way of Vending:

The new way of doing vending is we view each machine daily from our desk top computer to see exactly what machines need service, with exactly what products we need. Our trucks will show up at your facility with the products preloaded into totes servicing those machines which require service.

The system we propose to employ is Cantaloupe System’s technology called “Seed”.

Cantaloupe Systems Corporation, headquartered in Berkley, California, is the leader in developing complete wireless M2M applications for vertical markets. Its unique system of remote monitoring for vending machines, known as Seed, has been successfully used by vending machine operators nationwide. We believe that fast wireless information is the key to solving a myriad of industry problems and a cornerstone for maximizing profitable growth. Cantaloupe Systems was rated as one of the nations top 100 fastest growing companies by Fortune Magazine.